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Website Development - Strategy and Content

  • Content architecture
    I develop recommended content structure and outlines based on targeted audience, user statistical data analysis & industry best practices to promote client mission & objectives for the website while providing easy to use, easy to find content for the end users.

  • Website content
    Content for websites is written to the reading level and style of the target end-user audience. Following client strategic branding objectives, messages are written to communicate a standard tone, approach, style and applicable content for the topic area. The articles incorporate targeted SEO keywords and phrases, and use audience interest to further gain appear and authority for the market segment.

  • Website Self-Help
    User studies have shown that users often prefer the ability to find answers and solutions themselves, therefore the need for help options for websites has grown. While many webmasters have created their own help functions, the webmaster or team is often too close to the material and products to develop the help for the end-users. I will review all support questions, materials and answers to develop website self-help sections, training and quick reference guides, as well as Wiki/Idea Cafe functionality for the website.

  • eNewsletters & eMails
    eNewsletters & eMails bring traffic to your site and promote your services and products. I write newsletters that promote not only your offerings, but also provide valuable and topical information to your clients to further your brand and standing as an industry expert.

  • Feedback and Surveys
    Every organization grows and improves by listening to their customers and stakeholders. I develop online form content, assessments, Quick reference guides, exercises quizzes and feedback surveys so you can get valuable insights from your customers.

Custom marketing solutions provided
on time, on budget, and on point.

Providing freelance writing, brochure writing, editorial copy, advertising copywriting, training manual and program writing, direct mail copywriting and corporate communications. comedic writing, newsletter writing, information architecture, essay writing and article writing for over 20 years for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and healthcare systems, as well as boutique retail and pet service providers. My marketing strategies and short and long term communications plans have included research, tactical initiatives, short and long range planning and marketing copywriting. Strategic planning and vision is at the heart of any and all communications and marketing initiatives; I have a proven success record of converting goals and objectives into actionable tactics, always delivering positive ROI for your goals.