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Corporate Communications

  • Marketing Plans and Strategies
    Measure Twice, Cut Once: The phrase is engrained in our heads, but not when it comes to marketing. It seems so many people think they can just go by instinct or "what's worked in the past", even when they don't even know how to measure what worked and what didn't. Over the last several years I've become the one who measures and plans, who looks into the dark corners of competition, industry, audience, budgets, ROI, and more. I do the research and develop the plan, to ensure all stakeholders and audiences are met. By doing this, I can then present a short and long term tactical plan with recommendations and full budgets.
    I do this for full companies, departments, individual initiatives, as short or long term plans. And I get results.

  • Corporate Manuals
    Experience has included corporate training & employee manuals, production & process manuals as well as product training guides.

  • Corporate Presentations
    Research, writing & production of presentations to be used in client & board meetings. Topic areas have included: trends/market share information, sales & project deliverable presentations; project proposals and Scope of Work documents. Sales Presentation Sample (Created as an Interactive PowerPoint presentation for a sales meeting.) Click here to download the accompanying program booklet developed for the meeting attendees.

  • Training

    • Training Manuals
      Experience has included corporate training & employee manuals, production & process manuals as well as IT product training guides and quick reference guides.

    • Training Programs
      I have researched, developed and written programs for sales training programs for pharmaceutical companies. I have also researched, written and coordinated the development of Continuing Medical Education and Patient Education programs.

    • Training Collateral Materials
      I have written program outlines, session agendas, learning objectives, brochures & fliers, pre/post assessments, quick reference guides, exercise worksheets/workbooks, exercises and feedback surveys.

  • Website content
    Content for websites is written to the reading level and style of the target end-user audience. Following client strategic branding objectives, messages are written to communicate a standard tone, approach, style and applicable content for the topic area. The articles incorporate targeted SEO keywords and phrases, and use audience interest to further gain appear and authority for the market segment.

  • Essays & Bios
    Corporate & individual bios/essays for inclusion in corporate listings, websites, press release templates & corporate reports.

  • White Papers
    Trend & market share informational pieces written to accompany corporate sales & marketing materials to further promote client expertise & focus. Topic areas have included: eMarketing, eLearning, Internet acceptance/use in the health & wellness marketplace, disease management programs review, effectiveness of case studies in corporate learning environments.

  • Newsletters
    Informational updates and marketing tools designed & developed to promote client products, services & offerings while providing targeted audience with useful , non-branded information. Topic areas have included: health & wellness, animal & pet care, corporate business tips, franchise news & announcements.

Custom marketing solutions provided
on time, on budget, and on point.

Providing freelance writing, brochure writing, editorial copy, advertising copywriting, training manual and program writing, direct mail copywriting and corporate communications. comedic writing, newsletter writing, information architecture, essay writing and article writing for over 20 years for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and healthcare systems, as well as boutique retail and pet service providers. My marketing strategies and short and long term communications plans have included research, tactical initiatives, short and long range planning and marketing copywriting. Strategic planning and vision is at the heart of any and all communications and marketing initiatives; I have a proven success record of converting goals and objectives into actionable tactics, always delivering positive ROI for your goals.